Here is the detailed description of the “Batch” endpoint in Gyxi DB.

For a full overview of the API, please see the documentation here:

The Batch endpoint saves up to 100 items in a single call.

Here is the URL to call the Batch endpoint.


germany should be one of the available regions.

[databaseId] is the short name of your database

[type] is the type of data you are saving, like a class name or table name.

[partitionBy] is the field you want to use to partition by.


For example, maybe your company is a European company headquartered in Germany, so you choose to save your data there. You are migrating your data from another system and now you want to save all 150 employees to your new Gyxi database.

The URL might look like this:


The contents might look like this:

"id": 27,
"name": "Paul McCartney",
"department": "London"
"id": 28,
"name": "John Greengrass",
"department": "London"
"id": 29,
"name": "Stig",
"department": "London"
// And 97 more

If more than 100 items are included in the call, then the call will be declined and you will get a 400 Bad Request back.

If you receive 200 OK then the items were saved. The average response time is about 100m but it may vary and it might vary more than other endpoints as this endpoint does not follow the same performance targets as the other endpoints. It is designed for migrations and variable performance is OK during a migration.

Additionally, if you have any Views associated with the data, then those Views may take a bit longer to update.

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