Gyxi DB

PageRain by Gyxi is of coursed based on Gyxi DB which is how it is possible to offer PageRain for free.

Microsoft Azure

Hosted on Microsoft Azure, using the best and most robust infrastructure available in the cloud while allowing global reach in 24 regions.


Backed by the Akamai CDN. Through PageRain you get access to the Akamai CDN Network – but for free!


You keep your javascript files, css files, images and any other files in your own website. This is called the origin.

Change your references

Point to instead of your own website. You can use a "Pull CDN" plugin to do this like W3 Total Cache if you use WordPress

It just works

PageRain will pick up the file from the origin and show it to the user. Next time another user requests the same file, it will be served immediately from a location near the user

Free SSL

When you sign up and create an endpoint, we generate a free SSL certificate for you and keep it renewed so you can serve content on https. Setting up a certificate takes up to 24 hours.

Business Registration Number DK28916779