Complete API Reference

The complete API reference for Gyxi DB is on a Postman documentation site which you find here:

It describes how to call every endpoint and several variations of the same endpoints.

Remember to include a header with your api key in every call.

  • Header Key: Gyxi-ApiKey
  • Header Value: The value you chose when you created the database. You can find it in the portal.

Notice that you can create views through the API, but it might be easier to do it with the user friendly Gyxi Portal at

The portal features visual previews of views as you configure them and it will be easier to use, even if you have a lot of experience with partitioning and views.

But the API is available in case you want to build view management into your application logic.

If you’re creating a view for every customer or something like that, then you are doing it wrong.

But if you have some sort of abstract customizable application which allows your users to set up data structures, then you would need to use the API to configure views on their behalf.

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