Here is the detailed description of the “Get” endpoint in Gyxi DB.

For a full overview of the API, please see the documentation here:

The Get endpoint get a single item from Gyxi very fast.

Here is the URL to call the Get endpoint.


germany can be replaced by one of the other available regions.

[databaseId] is the short name that identifies your database.

[type] is the type of data you are saving, like a class name or table name.

[partition] is the literal partition where you want to get your data. For example, if you partition by “department” and the department for the item you are looking for is “london”, then you would put “london” as the partition.

[id] is the id of this specific item.


For example, maybe your company is a European company headquartered in Germany, so you have your data there. Now you want to get a specific Employee from the London department.

The URL might look like this:


The response might look something like this.

"id": 4711
"name": "Paul McCartney",
"department": "london"

Business Registration Number DK28916779