Full Text Search is essentially a different product than a database. 

For example, Azure Search (or Azure Cognitive Search) is a Full Text Search product that can search in Cosmos DB.

Cosmos DB, however, does provide a query method where it is possible to find text that “contains” another text. This seems like a “search” but it costly and not scalable. It can end up being slow and incredibly costly. It also doesn’t return very good results. It works, but it is not suitable for production use.

You can add a proper search product to Gyxi, but you can also use the built-in search in Gyxi. By using views, you can index every word, starting from the first 3 letters in each word.

The priority can be controlled like any other view, by defining which field should control the order. This also means that the search results will not be ordered by “relevance” as it would be in a ‘real’ search product. 

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