Make New Databases

It may seem like a strange product feature to mention, but the ease of creating a new database is a game changer for some scenarios.


You can create a new database by signing up. If you use the same email as you have used before, make sure you also enter the same password.

Alternatively, you can go to and login with your existing email and password. There you can also quickly create a new database.

Your new database is available within a second.


There is an API to create a new database. It takes about a second to complete and your database is IMMEDIATELY available to use.

Here are some of the scenarios where this might be useful.


Perhaps you would like to create a database from your DevOps setup.

Maybe you want a new database for every feature branch or maybe you are deploying to many environments and want to make sure there is a database for each environment.

Application Logic

Creating a new database can some times be used as a way of partitioning in multiple levels. 

You are welcome to create a new database for each partition if your data structure is quite deep, this may be an advantage. Just be sure you really don’t want to look up across these data because that might be difficult.


We suggest having a main database in one region and then having views in other regions as needed.

However, you may for some reason want to have base data in many regions. Well, handling databases manually in 23 regions might get tedious and error prone, so you can take advantage of the API in this case as well.

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