Always Fast™

Gyxi is Always Fast™

That means it is fast in the morning, the evening, in the night. It is fast when you save lots of data, when you retrieve billions of rows and when you work with just a single row.

However, Gyxi is not “the fastest”. There are faster databases out there, but they will slow down under pressure or when the volume of data increases. Gyxi will never slow down. 

Gyxi is Always Fast™.

Here are some of the performance targets to give you an idea of the performance to expect.

Operation Performance Target
Save Item 30ms
Get Item 15ms
Retrieve 100 items 75ms
Save 100 items 100ms

Many people will not understand whether this can be considered “fast” in the context of a database.

If you ask an expert, their first answer will be that this is not fast. In fact, you can insert a row in a small MySQL server in about 1ms – that is 30 times faster than Gyxi.

However, once your database gets filled up with data and gets under pressure, then performance decreases and it can decrease to literally take SECONDS to retrieve data with a query.

For the impatient average user, waiting for several seconds is equal to downtime. You have to be able to count on performance being good, not only while developing but also when moving into production and putting your database under load.

This is why Gyxi is advertised as Always Fast™. It is fast. It is not the fastest. But it stays fast. It is always fast. And 30 milliseconds to save an item (or 100ms to save 100 items) is “fast enough” – as long as it stays that fast under pressure.

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